FINALLY, the popular and phenomenal Greetings From... (GF) Malaysia postcards that I ordered has been arrived! Due to limited quantity of the GF postcards that I have, whomever wishes to swap the GF postcards shall send your postcard first. Later, once I received your postcard and your mentioned desire to get the GF card from me, then I will reply and send it to you.

Email me if you are interested on the GFs or other postcards:

For reference only, below are GF postcards I received from other countries. No worries if your country's GF card is shown here, you can always send me another one because the writing at the back of the postcard is the one that make it a different! Thank you.

Countries on my hand now, alphabetically:
Austria (Julie), Belarus (Julie), Finland (Laura), Russia (Irine), Singapore (Kay Jin), Slovenia (Hermina), South Korea (Jiwon), Taiwan (Emily), United Kingdom (Kerri, Noa). Updated - 8 March 2016.

But the following images are based on chronological event.